DVA – Factsheets

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Links to a number of useful DVA Factsheets provide quick reference to general information and DVA’s benefits and services – VEA, SRCA and MRCA. This information does not constitute legal information or advice.  Users should obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances.

Use the Factsheet Index to broaden your topic search. Click on the adjacent PDF tab for access:


                  Factsheet Index            pdf_icon

DVA – 03  Overview of DVA Benefits and Entitlements                       pdf_icon

CON02 – Concessions in Queensland                                                       pdf_icon

For Concessions in other Australian States select the following

link to take you directly to the Index page.  http://factsheets.dva.gov.au/

then select:  Keyword Index /Select C and search for keyword Concessions

A list of concessions for the various states will appear.

DO01 – Overview of disability and allowances under VEA                   pdf_icon

DP07 – Military Service                pdf_icon

DP10 – Peacekeeping Service      pdf_icon

DP15 – Defence Service                 pdf_icon

DP18 – Making a claim/increase in claim in disability pension VEA  pdf_icon

DP25 – Disability pension entitlements post WWII service                   pdf_icon

DP68 – Administrative Appeals Tribunal                                                   pdf_icon

MSC01 – Overview of SRCA 1988                                                                 pdf_icon

MSC02 – Compensation under SRCA and VEA                                         pdf_icon

MSC13 – How to claim a benefit under SRCA                                             pdf_icon

MRC01 – Overview Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act       pdf_icon

MRC02 – Compensation Members and former members of the ADF    pdf_icon

MRC25 – How to claim under the MRCA Act 2004                                    pdf_icon

MRC30 – Information for Reservists                                                              pdf_icon

MRC31 – Information for Cadets                                                                     pdf_icon